Credentialing Services:

* Insurance contracting, credentialing, negotiation, and renegotiation

We offer full management of both therapy facility and health plan credentialing. We complete all therapy provider applications (Including attaining therapist provider numbers for Medicare and Medicaid, group and individual therapist NPI numbers) and perform the necessary follow-up needed to achieve successful credentialing. Progress reports are provided electronically on a weekly basis, with phone conferences scheduled at the client's convenience.

We will review the client's contracts to ensure they are appropriate for the therapy practice. We will work with the practices to understand their specific needs and make recommendations on additional insurance plans that may benefit them. We will negotiate the contracts to include the best reimbursement rates available. We can renegotiate existing client contracts to include the best reimbursement rate for their practice.

To schedule a call with our credentialing and contracting specialist please click on the calendar link below:

What is the Difference Between a Group NPI and an Individual NPI?

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